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Plain Jane Delta 8 King Palm Hemp Blunt 1.5g

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The Plain Jane King Palm Delta-8 collab has certainly grabbed the attention and love of our fans. Unlike traditional delta-8 pre-rolls, the King Palm blunt rolls utilize leaves from the Cordia plant, which provides users with long-lasting smoke. The filter tip of the King Palm roll is made from biodegradable corn husk. Biting and drawing smoke through these materials allows users to experience tight, smooth, and cool smoke. 

The effects produced by these delta-8 hemp blunts are classic of a Sativa strain. It might begin as a slow wave of euphoria, which gradually evolves into a head-focused cerebral buzz. 


Cordia leaf, corn husk, and Plain Jane delta-8 flower.

What Makes the Delta-8 King Palm hemp Blunts Good?

Some smokers may find that the harsh, bitter taste produced by regular delta-8 pre-rolls to be quite off-putting. As, well pre-rolls made from rolling papers or hemp fibers don’t tend to burn as long. The Plain Jane D8 King Palm hemp blunts take away all these problems. The Cordia leaves burn slowly, allowing you to enjoy every moment with your delta-8. At the same time, the corn husk filter tips act as a cooling system creating a tight cool draw and smooth smoke.

How Long Will these Hemp Blunts Last?

When stored properly, delta-8 King Palm hemp blunts will last up to 18 months. 

How Do I Store my King Palm Hemp Blunt?

To ensure your delta-8 hemp blunt remains fresh, we recommended storing them in a dark, air-tight container. King Palm rolls are prone to drying out; placing a humidity pack in with your blunt stash will preserve them for longer. 

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