It’s Our Day!! Happy CBD Day!

National CBD day is here and it’s time to celebrate CBD and acknowledge what it’s done for your health!

Now might also be a good time to consider a few new ways to incorporate CBD into your daily health and wellness routine. After all, what better way to show appreciation than making the most of things by using CBD as creatively as possible.

Below are 4 new ways that you might consider incorporating hemp and CBD into your routine, many of them geared towards fitness:

  • Take it as a preworkout

  • Take if for recovery

  • Use CBN for sleep

  • Use CBD for inflammation

Take it as a preworkout

Using CBD as a pre-workout seems counterintuitive at first. Even the idea of microdosing before you workout may sound a little radical.

Both can be good options, however, as CBD may calm the nervous system by helping to regulate neurotransmission and other cell-to-cell communication. [1]

Simply taking a puff or two from a CBD vape could be a great way to prime your body for an enjoyable workout session. Many CBD users love doing this prior to exploring the natural world via bike ride or hike. Consider trying it for yourself — we think you’ll find the hemp + nature combo especially relaxing.  

Are cannabinoids performance-enhancing when it comes to more competitive sports? More research is needed on that subject, though boxer Mike Tyson is reported to have toked up prior to his big fights. [2]

Take if for recovery

Move over, antioxidants: cannabinoids can also be used as a post-workout recovery tool.

Research hints that CBD, THC, and several other cannabinoids may alleviate the chronic inflammation so many active people run into. [3] Research also shows that cannabinoids may have an immunoregulatory effect. [4]

But the real value of taking CBD for recovery lies in its ability to reduce stress. Exercise, after all, is actually a type of stress itself! And the faster you can recover from this stress, the more you’ll be able to enjoy pain-free, restorative exercise.

The way in which cannabis may reduce stress is actually quite simple. According to endocannabinoid expert professor Vincenzo Di Marzo it all has to do with your body’s built-in endocannabinoid system:

“[The endocannabinoid system] accompanies the fight-or-flight system and maybe has been evolutionarily conserved to combat the consequences of stress and to [help vertebrates, which all have endocannabinoid systems] recover from stress as quickly as possible.” [5]

Use CBN for sleep

In an ideal world, your health and fitness routine would have you sleeping soundly every night.

And it’s true — exercise usually does make it easier to sleep well.

Sometimes, however, the very hormones exercise is meant to benefit can backfire on you. A stress hormone named cortisol is the biggest culprit. [6] Cortisol can easily keep you up at night with racing thoughts, especially if you have a habit of working out close to bedtime.

This is where CBN comes in. A special breakdown product of CBD, early research has shown that CBN may directly promote sleep. [7] If you want to get some more zzz’s, consider trying a CBN-rich cannabis/hemp extract several hours before bed.

Other cannabinoids may benefit your sleep quality, too. Why? Because virtually all cannabinoids activate the endocannabinoid system, which is tied to your circadian rhythm itself.

  • Use CBD for inflammation

Of all the cannabinoids discovered so far, CBD seems to be among the most anti-inflammatory ones. It ‘activates’ special receptors in the skin, muscle tissues, and vital organs.

The result of this activation is simple, but effective: reduced inflammation. [8]

And when inflammation is kept in check, good things happen. Many CBD users report alleviated pain, increased mobility, and more. [9] Getting these benefits is as easy as using a CBD topical after intense workout sessions.

As an added plus, topicals are ultra-easy to dose because you can tell how they’re working by how you feel. If you’re not experiencing relief after a few hours, just apply a little more!

Other cannabinoids make great topicals, too. Recent studies have shown that CBG, the “mother cannabinoid,” has impressive antibacterial properties. [10] Cannabinoids can also be used as antioxidants — a role they’re so good at that they’ve been transforming skincare.

Summing things up

It’s no surprise that we’re big fans of the active lifestyle at Pittsburgh House of Oils.

Whether you get a move on via runningyoga, or other forms of fitness, it’s all good with us!

Just be sure to make things easier on yourself by boosting your body’s ability to recover and come back stronger. CBD tinctures and topicals should help with that — as should the newly popular delta-8 THC.  For an added boost, consider anti-inflammatory essential oils, too.


Aug 7th 2021

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