Able Hemp CBD Salve 1000mg

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Able Hemp takes the whole raw hemp flower and infuses it into fresh-pressed coconut oil making our salve green in color just like the cannabis plant. This process is one of the simplest and oldest ways to produce effective canna-salve and while there is a slight plant-like smell to it, we like it!

By doing so, this adds the natural plant’s waxes, lipids, terpenes, and chlorophyll to the coconut oil giving it color, texture, and life!

Although the whole plant provides a decent amount of cannabinoids, we add Full spectrum CBD oil too at a very specific rate to make sure we give you exactly what we say, 1,000mg CBD. While this process is time-consuming and requires more testing, the benefits outweigh the extra work.

They want their CBD Salve to represent the full and true representation of the natural hemp plant.

Great for local relief when applied topically. It can be a little messy using the advised amount, but we suggest working our whole-plant salve in over a period of ten-twenty minutes and to preferably have someone else massage it into you. Hey, look at that! you just got an excuse to get a massage from your S.O.

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