Treat Yo Self Day

Treat Yo Self Day

Do you sometimes feel like something in life is...missing? Are you not where you envisioned yourself being?

It might be time to choose a new path and level up in life. It might be time to treat yourself.

  • What is Treat Yo Self Day?
  • Treat yo self with: CBD and Delta 8
  • Treat yo self with: tasty teas
  • Treat yo self: other ideas

What is Treat Yo Self Day?

The whole concept of “treat yo’ self” day came along in 2008 courtesy of the show known and loved as “Parks and Recreation.” Characters Tom Haverford and Donna Meagle decided to take some time off from their dreary job and truly pamper themselves on October 13th. Their iteration of “treat yo’ self” day included massages, special fragrances, and sushi feasts.

This holiday may have started in jest, but we think it’s finally come into its own. If there was ever a year to treat yo self it’s probably this year. Between COVID and all its associated social and economic changes, we’ve all been dealing with an extra dose of stress!

The solution to this dose of stress? Taking some time away. Even if you can’t jet-set off to the tropics or retreat to a temple in the Himalayas, you can still take a break from daily life and re-remember what it feels like to be stress-free.

Just think about what a smaller-scale retreat could look like. Maybe rent out a little mountaintop cabin or trek out to the beach. Is it wintertime? Go snowboarding (heck, or learn to snowboard) Is it summer? Escape the heat by taking a road trip North.

The possibilities are virtually endless, and many of them aren’t all that pricey. The goal of “treat yo’ self” day transcends money, anyways.

Another way to truly treat your self can be found in investing in your health. Health, after all, is right up there among life’s most precious assets. If you don’t have your health, virtually nothing else is enjoyable. If you do have your health, however, then all sorts of other things become possible. Staying healthy might just be the first step on the path towards treating yo’ self right.

Treat yo self with: CBD and Delta 8

When it comes to self-love, CBD checks all the boxes. What better way to treat your body right than help keep it in balance?

We ask that question rhetorically, because keeping yourself in balance is exactly what CBD does. Studies show that the cannabinoid binds to an incredible number of receptors throughout your body and mind en route to promoting lasting changes. [1]

CBD for self love/CBD for self care

Check out our premium CBD products here. If you’re really looking for a treat, try out a CBD bath bomb!

Delta-8 for self love/Delta-8 for self care

Delta-8 CBD is super relaxing — which means it could be super good for taking some time away and truly unwinding. Check out our delta-8 THC options here.

Treat yo self with: tasty teas

Tea is a decadent drink that can be obtained for cheap. As if that weren’t enough, tea is exceptionally tasty!

Some of our favorite health-boosting teas include mushroom tea, Chaga tea, and green tea. Mushroom tea is probably the fastest-growing tea when it comes to popularity; the NY times calls these ‘shrooms “the future of wellness.” [2] Mushroom teas are also known for boosting immunity and general wellness. [3]

Tea is also known for being especially relaxing — a very helpful trait when you’re trying to unwind and treat yo’ self.

It gets this property from a special amino acid called l-theanine. This amino acid is found only in tea. Unlike the amino acids most of us eat way too much of (think of the methionine found in meat), L-theanine is deeply relaxing. It prevents your nervous system from working too fast on the most basic molecular level. [4]

L-Theanine has also been found to stimulate the production of alpha waves in the brain, which may help create desirable soothing effects. Studies have shown that it may help with anxiety or depression. [5]

Treat yo self: other ideas

Treat yo’ self day can get even simpler. You don’t have to go anywhere; you don’t even have to spend any money!

Just getting out in nature for a fun workout can be a great way to treat yourself right. What’s more relaxing than hiking out to the beach to get some sun, coffee and a great book in hand? We can’t think of much.

Interestingly enough, getting your body moving out in nature benefits health in many of the same ways the natural products mentioned above do. Studies show that enjoyable workouts help your body produce more endocannabinoids, resulting in the feel-good rush we call “runner’s high.”

Key word from above being enjoyable. Treating your self right doesn’t require grueling interval training or weights sessions. It’s all about balance.

Oct 11th 2021

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